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Onsite Fleet Repair

-Absolute fleet remedy, no more waiting!
- 24/7 heavy truck & trailer repair
- Fully Equipped
-Towing Available
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Dependable Service, Available 24/7!

We offer dependable service and offer reasonable pricing. We even offer to take on your fleet, so that you can save money! We provide you with better service, while you gain a sense of well being! We can help you move your load from one truck to another. Contact us today and ask us for more information!

Fleet Repair Services


(484) 223-5694

►Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Repair

►Trailer Repair

►Truck Diagnostics

►A/C Service

►ABS Diagnostics & Repair

►Wheel Alignment

►Full Service

►Scheduled Maintenance

►DOT Inspections & Check-Up's

►Federal Inspections

We service both foreign & domestic vehicles, too!

We are your simple onsite fleet repair solution! Whether you need major repairs or minor repairs, we can offer you a simple and affordable solution to keep you going. We also service cars and pickup trucks! Our diagnostic equipment can service both domestic and foreign vehicles. Contact us today!
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